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Bounty Hunter

Metal Detector Manuals

Page updated December, 2010

For the most part, these are OCR text scans of Bounty Hunter metal detector manuals which were formerly available on the original BH company website.

Go to for the official Bounty Hunter website. They have many manuals for all of the current models.

I retrieved these vintage manuals by searching around some saved pages found at OCR scanning (Optical Character Recognition) back then was pretty limited, and the resulting text files have many errors. While I have cleaned up and corrected a few of them, I have many more to go through. There are generally no illustrations, but some of the pdf files do have the graphics that were in the original manuals.

December, 2010 - Added links for instant on-line retrieval

All this info is now online for immediate retrieval. Errors and all! (smile!) If the detector model you seek is shown linked below, info is available here for instant online viewing or downloading. Thanks!! -Ed


Note: This info provided at no charge. If you've found our website useful, a one dollar donation via Paypal is much appreciated! Or just send me an email letting me know what you think of our site. We can always use new pictures and info on the many models we list. Keep pictures small, please, as we're still on dialup. Use the email address above and Thanks for your support! -Ed

Links in Large/BOLD are the main pages with pics, comments, general info and cross-linked to the individual models listed below.


1976 BH Catalog

BH Advertisements

BH Bud 1

BH Bud Lite

BH Big Bud Jr.

BH Big Bud Pro

BH Big Bud PRO S.E.D.

BH Big Bud Pro Select 220

BH Big Bud Pro Select 220-D

BH Big Bud XL

BH Red Baron RB-5 & 7 VLF/SPD  

BH Red Baron RB-7D

BH Red Baron Outlaw

BH Red Baron RB jr.

BH Red Baron RB-12D


BH Marauder XV VLF/TR BH-3050

BH 1_2_3 BFO Detectors

BH Outlaw DE 280

BH Outlaw TR/BFO

BH TR 600 & 700

BH 800_840 (Rustler)

BH 8400


BH Eliminator X-3

BH TR550-D


BH tips Cochran pdf

BH book 1995 pdf

BH Tracker I-D

BH Tracker II

BH Tracker IV

BH TrackerSeriesGuide pdf

BH Trackers tips & info

BH Prospector

BH True Track

Pioneer 101

Pioneer 202



63-3001 Micronta TR/IB

63-3003 Micronta 4003 VLF

63-3005 VLF

63-3006 VLF/TR

63-3013 VLF/TR

63-3015 BH Landstar

RS Discovery 2 1995

RS Discovery 3 1995

RS Discovery 1000 1998

RS Discovery 2000 1996

RS Discovery 3000


BH Quick Draw I

BH Quick Draw II 1998

BH QDII Field Test

BH Sharp Shooter 1 1998

BH Sharp Shooter 2 1998

BH Land Star 97

BH Land Ranger

BH Time Ranger


Teknetics-BH Hi-Tek

Tek/BH Hi-Tek Basic

Teknetics 7700

Teknetics 8000

Teknetics 8500

Teknetics 9000

Teknetics Mark I

Teknetics Turbo

Teknetics Condor

Teknetics Roadrunner

Teknetics T2 Rev4 Manual

Techna (BH) TR6

Coming Attractions



BH Company profile


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