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Marauder XV VLF/TR BH-3050

NOTE: The following manual was scanned with OCR software. Be aware that there may be a few misspellings or anomalies due to the inaccuracies of the software translation. Images are excluded due to the memory requirements; therefore, there will be references to illustrations that do not exist in this text only document.


Marauder XV VLF/TR BH-3050

The MARAUDER is a very low frequency (V.L.F. discriminating metal detector, utilizing the inductively balanced Transmit/Receive (TR) technique to provide ex cellent stability and sensitivity in an all purpose instrument.

In the "All Metal" mode, not only are all metals detected, but ground mineralization can be eliminated to give the user maximum depth in all types of soil conditions.

In the "Discriminating" mode the Marauder XV/VLF is an ideal detector for the serious coinshooter, allowing the operator to set the amount of rejection on unwanted ''junk" targets. Rather than a "good/bad" indication on the meter, the Marauder XV merely ignores unwanted targets, yielding no audio tone as the coil passes over them.


Lower unit so coil is approximately 2 feet off the ground and away from any metal objects.

Place mode control knob to control the "All Metal" position. Turn the "On-Off/Battery Check" knob to the on position. Depress the "Push Button Tuner'' Button, (which is located just forward of the handle. While holding push button depressed, rotate the ''Tuning Control" knob until the sound just starts (Threshold) and release button.

The unit is now fully tuned, and is ready to be ground adjusted.

Lower coil to the ground. . . A. If the sound (threshold) increases, raise the coil back up to the 2 foot level and turn the "Ground Adjust" knob counterclockwise (approximately 1/4 turn). Depress and release ''Push Button Tuner" to reestablish tuning threshold .

B. If the sound (threshold) decreases, raise the coil back up to the 2 foot level and turn the ''Ground Adjust" knob clockwise (approximately % turn). Depress and release ''Push Button Tuner'' to reestablish tuning threshold.

Repeat step "A'' or "B'' until you obtain the least amount of change in sound when going from ''Air'' to ''Ground". Once this is obtained your unit is fully "Ground Ad justed" in the "All Metal'' mode, and are ready to search in the "All Metal'' mode. 6. To "Discriminate'' - - place mode control knob to the desired position. A. ''Foil''. . .This mode not only rejects foil, but iron, steel, nails, wire and other fine gauge linear scrap. B. ''Pull Tab'. . .Rejects the pull tabs (or tear tabs) from beer and pop cans.

Also rejects the same items as the ''foil" mode. C. ''Screw Cap". . .The highest level of discrimination, rejects the twist-off type aluminum caps commonly found on large capacity soft drink bottles.

Also rejects the same items as the "foil'' and ''pull tab'' modes.

IMPORTANT: When using the unit in the ''Pull Tab'' mode, nickel coins can no longer be detected. Also, because of the shape and nickel content, some rings may also be bypassed. This happens with all detectors, no matter who the manufacturer

(After selecting the desired Discriminate position, depress and release Push Button Tune to reestablish threshold.)

7. Lower coil to the position you are going to search in, depress and release ''Push Button Tune". You are now ready to search in the Discriminate mode.


1. "On-Off/Battery Check'' control. This 4 position control knob not only lets you turn your unit on or off, but allows you to check the condition of your batteries. By turning the control knob to the "A" or ''B'' position, you will receive a meter indication of the remaining battery supply power. Batteries should be replaced when they read below 3.5 on the meter.

2. "Tuning Control". The "Tuning Control" is used to adjust the detector's circuitry for maximum sensitivity. Maximum sensitivity is that point at which the sound just starts. This point is called the "Threshold".

3. "Push Button Tuner". The Marauder XV features a convenient thumb-push 6 button just forward of the handle that eliminates the need to manually adjust the "Tuning Control" once the unit is tuned and adjusted for searching.

4. "Ground Adjust". This control, when properly adjusted, enables the operator to reject ground mineralization which otherwise would cause a considerable loss in depth and stability, The detector can only be "Ground Adjusted" in the "All Metal" mode.

5. "Meter". Provides a visual target indication. Meters are used in conjunction with the audio response to verify in-doubt signals or to aid in pinpointing.

6. "Headphone Jack". The Marauder XV is equipped with a standard 1/4 inch stereo style headphone jack. This "jack" enables the operator to bypass the speaker for private listening by using headphones. Headphones are especially desirable in noisy areas where background noise can drown out the weaker signals, which normally indicate deeper, older, and more valuable targets. The jack is designed for standard 4-16 ohm stereo headphones with 1/4 inch plug.


The Marauder XV is equipped with 2 each 9 volt carbon zinc transistor radio bat teries .

Access to the batteries is gained by depressing release button located on top, right hand side, at back of the detector, and swinging the center section out right to left. Care should be taken when closing to prevent wires being pinched.

Batteries should last up to approximately 20 hours, and alkaline up to approximate ly 36 hours.

It is always a good idea to remove the batteries prior to prolong storage, as weak batteries can vent and leak. This leakage is corrosive and can do serious damage to the unit.

NOTE: Approximately 90% of metal detector- problems are caused by weak, dead or improperly connected batteries. If the unit does not come on or comes on but has weak volume, will not tune properly, has erratic operation or drifts - - CHECK THE BATTERIES.


Mineralized soil.. ..Whether it is lightly or heavily mineralized, a loss of depth is going to occur, from a slight loss where the soil is lightly mineralized, to a serious loss where the ground is heavily mineralized. No matter who makes the metal detector, it's going to happen. . .Unless the metal detector has the "Ground Ad just" feature like the Marauder XV.

When the unit is "Ground Adjusted" it simply means the unit has been electronical ly adjusted to eliminate the effects of ground mineralization. Therefore, when searching in the ''All Metal" mode after the unit has been properly "Ground Ad justed" you can be assured of maximum depth.

NOTE: When searching in the ''TR Discriminate" mode, the user does not have the "Ground adjust'' capabilities, therefore, depending upon the extent of the mineralization in the soil, the loss of up to all or nearly all depth can be expected.

SEARCH TECHNIQUES ;stance-- Stand up straight and let your arm hang down straight at your side. Adjust the telescoping stem until the search coil is about 1/7 inch above the ground. Adjust the search coil so it's parallel to the ground. The Bounty Hunter detectors are designed for perfect balance so the detector should not be "hel up" with the arm bent as this can be very tiring.

With the detector held in the proper position, swing the search coil side to side slightly overlapping each sweep as you slowly move forward. When trying to obtain maximum depth, "slow down". Concentrate on the very weakest signals which often indicate the deeper and usually more valuable targets. target Pinpointing--

When the detector signals a find, slowly sweep the search coil from side to side, and then forward and back until the strongest signal is obtained. Your find will be directly beneath the center of your search coil.

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