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"We Shoot Dinosaurs"

Updated April 14, 2005

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Historical Black Hills Photographs

  All photos © 1999/2002 Ed's Photo, except as noted.  

Images from the photo files

Bottles at Sunset

Hidden Woods

Dinosaur Country Sunsets



All photos © 2002-2009 Ed's Photo, except as noted, which are by Ed's Photo, © 2009 BHIGR.

Ed's Photo is proud to have been the Initial Preparation Photographer of
"Sue" the Tyrann
osaurus rex.

40" long "Sue" model at sunset
Click for enlarged view

Visit Black Hills Institute of Geological Institute's website to see more photos and learn about the discovery of "Sue" and the history-making story that led to her recent unveiling in Chicago.

Sue Model Sculpture © by Joe Tippmann. Photo by Ed's Photo, © 2002 BHIGR

"Sue" with Terry Wentz
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Photo by Ed's Photo, 
© 2002BHIGR

Ed's Photo

Ed Gerken

POB 747 Hill City, SD 57745-0337



Freelance Photographer, specializing in fossil and nature photography. 30 years professional experience in photojournalism, historical, studio, portraiture, product, scenic and location, wedding, equestrian, architecture and interior, etc. You know, freelance work! Basically, I'm a one-man photoshop in a small Mid-western town, where you learn to do it all, sooner or later!

I work with Nikon 35mm and Olympus Digital, but also shoot in rollfilm and 35mm stereo formats, some sheetfilm experience. B&W/Color darkroom equipped for reversal printing from slides and some custom work. Photographic duplicating, desktop digitizing and web experience. 11 years graphic arts, journalism, publishing and writing.

I'm currently working on my personal photographic projects, building a stock library, and shooting the photos for my wife's fossil preparation labs. I also continue to self-publish several books on area history.

 Photos published by (in no particular order): Newsweek, Discover Magazine, Discovery Channel On-Line, Lapidary Journal, Weekly Reader, Science News, Gakken-Mook (Japan), Dorling Kindersly (UK), Nova (PBS-TV), National Geographic Explorer (TBS-TV), U.S. Postal Service, South Dakota Magazine, Runestone Press, Geoscience Press, Geolinea, Dinosaurs Illustrated, Geotimes, Earth Magazine, various newspapers, other magazines, schoolbooks, encyclopedias.

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