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Updated July 8, 2014

Oligocene and Cretaceous Fossils.
Prepared and Unprepared Mammals, and other fossils
Fossil Preparation and Restoration Services.

Proudly serving the Paleontological Community since 1993

Owned and operated by Sandy & Ed Gerken,
P.O.B. 747, Hill City, SD 57745  (605)574-2051

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Chief Bone Digger, Nugget.

Several Nice Ammonite Specimens

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Does your fossil have Achy, Breaky Bones? Have it prepared here!
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We're proud to have been involved in early preparation
and photography of the World's Largest Tyrannosaurus rex "Sue"

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White River Preparium specializes in custom fossil preparation and restoration, and we also offer prepared and unprepared specimens for sale or trade. Inventory is small, and always changing, but most of the items pictured here are available for sale.

E-mail us or call at (605)574-2051 for more information on our inventory, or to inquire about preparation of your own specimens. For a quick tour of our website,
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White River Preparium is owned and operated by Sandra & Ed Gerken  
or write: PO Box 747, Hill City, SD 57745-0747
U.P.S. Shipping address: 12261 Gold Mtn. Loop., Hill City, SD 57745-0747

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